Root of Fire
Origin, beginning, source, birth, creativity, blind power, inheritance, identity, self-realization.

Root of Water
Abundance, satisfaction, joy, fertility, fulfilment, change, instability, unsettled.

Root of Air
Power, triumph, conquest, mental power, many-sided, ambiguous, suppressed thinking.

Root of Earth
Wealth, riches, fertility, perfection, dowry, personal talent, personal task.

Dominion, superiority, authority, success by understanding the opposites, hesitation, contradictory events, sadness.

Love and its uniting power, union, harmony, strong links, sympathy, contradictory feelings, unrequited love, false relationship.

Peace restored
Balance through understanding, peace, calm, familiarity, ambiguity, vagueness, contradictory thoughts, two-faced, disloyalty.

Harmonious change
Changes, attraction between opposites, harmonious change, cheerfulness, new complications, excitement, news, message, contradictory chances, contradictory tasks.

Established strength
Virtue, growth, success through self-confidence, dreams become true, manifested will, activity, joy of discovering, prevention of confrontations.

Abundance, exuberance, comfort, bliss, healing, happy end, physical pleasure, excessively emotional, confused emotions.

Sorrow, merciless, separation, alienation, grief, error, conscious insight, decisive realization.

Material world
Work, material foundation, effort, skill, reputation, perseverance, obstinacy, fame, narrow-minded, weakness, mediocrity.

Perfected Work
Completion, rise, clarification, peace , joy of life, fiery love, guilelessness.

Blended Pleasure (fire & water)
Exuberance, uncertain feelings, weakness, decay, joy, refusal, insight, reflection, new possibilities, anticipation.

Rest from strife
Truce, calm after a conflict, interval, retreat, agreement, concentration, mental work, mental challenges.

Earthly power
Power, love for material prosperity, legacy, gift, great talent, clinging to property, avarice, obstacles, pride.

Strife, confrontation, argument, support, concentrated energy push, blockade, dilution of efforts.

Loss in pleasure
Disappointment, regret, sorrow, remorse, inheritance, new relationship, discovery of inner sources, return.

Disgrace, weakness, blame, late insight, acceptance of the unavoidable, clear perspective, new knowledge.

Material trouble
Worry, torture, chaos, poverty, effort, tension, need, idleness, immorality, belief in the future, reconciliation.

Victory, forces in balance, success, hope, good news, anxiety.

Effortless harmony
, joy, satisfaction, nice memories, recovered joy, renewal, chance, remembrance, longing, uncontrolled emotions.

Earned success
Science, deserved success, achieved balance, intelligent behavior, explanation, change in the way of thinking, new mental orientation, conscious association.

Material success
Success, stability, gifts, right timing, generosity, kindness, indulgence, desire, envy, jealousy

Valour, action without planning, negotiation, contest, strife for success, courage, worry, agitation, perplexity.

Illusionary success
Illusion, daydreams, ruin, imagination, delusion, illusionary success, testing of wishes and fears, productive power of fantasy, dreamwork.

Uselessness, attempt, vain effort, inconstant behavior, tolerance, unclear intention, advice, the own way, consciously defining a goal.

Success unfulfilled
Failure, bad business, hard work, little success, hazardous speculation, inventiveness, own points of view, good business.

Swiftness, movement, activity, enthusiasm, new solutions, haste, serious problems, doubt, remorse.

Abondoned success
Resignation, giving up projects, excessive modesty, interruption, reason before feeling, new point of view, strong needs.

Shortened force
Disturbance, interference, limitation, conflict, blame, resistance, problematic thoughts, mental prison, delimitation of the own ideas, great mental tasks.

Wisdom, reason, skill, humbleness, cleverness, fulfilling work, ambition, vanity, greed.

Strength, self-determination, revealed passions, new self-confidence, "tense" times, delay.

Material Happiness
Happiness, wealth, material advantage, success, physical well-being, imperfection, indifference, lack of sensitivity.

Despair and cruelty, sadness, failure, negative thoughts, fear, acceptance of the reality, self-realization, brilliant ideas.

Material gain
Gain, growth, popularity, property, abundance, material wealth, waste, diversion, threatened security.

Oppression, last effort, stubbornness, burden, intrigue, difficulties, link between strong oppositions, fulfilling of great wishes, new standard of life.

Perfect success
, satiety, calm, satisfaction, oversaturation, wishful thinking, aimlessness, disturbances after the climax .

Ruin, destruction, defeat, mental confusion, desolation, overwhelming thoughts, the lowest point was reached, acceptance of the unexpected, new mental horizons.

Riches, wealth, security, home, safety, inheritance, family affairs, happiness, developed talents, lively habits, venture, danger, loss.

Brilliance, beauty, courage
, energetic, willing to accept risks, impulsive, passionate both in love and anger, superficial, disloyal, unstable, cruel.

Sweet, poetic, gentle, kind
Sentimental, pensive, quiet, tender, romantic, kind, gentle, dreamy, sensitive, unconcentrated, indolent, insecure

Wisdom, strength, acuteness, subtleness
Conscious, skillful, practical abilities, observing, powerful, serious, severe, tricky, frivolous, vulnerable, aggressive.

Kind, generous, benevolent, careful
Young, strong, promising, careful, communicating, fond of luxury, spoiled

Swift, hasty, just, noble
Strong, righteous, noble, humorous, impulsive, friendly, proud, committed, romantic, pretentious, intolerant, judges with prejudice.

Subtle, violent
Mysterious, inviting, challenging, skilled, plenty of imagination, searching, tricky, unscrupulous, clever, cunning, inconsiderate.

Creative, distrustful, careful, slow
Brave, fast, foreseeing, agile, inventive, clever, courageous, a loyal friend, belligerent, daring, destructive, conceited.

Practically applies things, steady
Persistent, inventive, reliable, ready to help, solid, true, methodical, pensive, practical, patient, indolent, stubborn, apathetic, limited, merciless.

Adaptable, steadfast, commanding, generous
Honorable, energetic, friendly, kind, strong will, impatient, stubborn, down to earth, domineering, vengeful.

Imaginative, poetic, kind, flirt
Graceful, beautiful, kind, noble, dignified, tolerant, mediating, poetic, subjective, vicious, unreliable.

Perceptive, subtle, quick, confident
Conscious, concentrated, severe, graceful, attentive, quick perception, advising, good at repartee, cunning, cruel

Impetuous, kind, timid, thruthful, moody
Kind-hearted, gentle, quiet, benevolent, friendly, rich, zealous, domestic, striving, with strong roots, submissive, impersonal, phlegmatic.

Active, generous, fierce
Vivid, strong will, looking for adventures, conscious of his responsibility, creative, generous, ascetic, hard, impetuous, fanatic.

Graceful, poetic
Friendly, polite, humane, gifted, gentle, emotional, longing, enthusiastic, eager, attracted by the secret and the uncanny, indolent, dishonest, melancholy, easy to influence, hurting, tending to excesses.

Active, clever, subtle, fierce
Powerful, daring, authoritative, sharp-witted, superior, reserved, narrow-minded, stubborn, tyrannical, mean.

Heavy, materialistic, domestic, grounded
A capable business person, diligent, patient, talented in mathematics, wealthy, prudent, tender, Epicurean, greedy, stubborn, corrupt.
Essential Meanings
Red - Cosmic  
Italic - Paul's Tarot (Golden Dawn)